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Where to find bones in V Rising

If you're struggling to get bones in V Rising, here's where to look

Looking for bones in V Rising? You're not alone. Bones are the very first resource that you're required to collect in V Rising, and they form the basis for most of your starting weapons and armour. But their usefulness doesn't end there: you'll be required to spend time farming for bones throughout your entire playthrough in Stunlock Studios' survival game.

Fortunately, finding bones is very easy once you know how. Below we'll explain where to go to get bones in V Rising, whether you're just starting out or you're progressing well but need an even greater source of bones than what you've found so far. We'll also explain how you can start to set up tombs near your base for an automated and endless supply of bones in the future in V Rising, which is now out of early access following the release of version 1.0.

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How to get bones in V Rising

The best way to get bones in V Rising is to seek out a graveyard or cemetary of some sort. If you're just starting a new game and you're struggling to craft the basic equipment that the game asks you to create, your best bet is to head back to the tutorial graveyard area, and spend some time beating up the continually respawning skeleton enemies. Many types of enemies drop small amounts of bones, but skeletons drop them much more regularly.

A mace-wielding vampire in V Rising explores the Forgotten Cemetary in the centre of the Farbane Woods.

Once you're out and about in the Farbane Woods, the easiest way to gather bones quickly is to head to one of the graveyard areas in the region. If you spawned at the West Farbane Woods Waygate, head east and you'll quickly find the Desecrated Graveyard, a small area filled with skeletal enemies. If you spawned at the East Farbane Woods Waygate, head west and you'll find the very similar Infested Graveyard. These areas are designed to provide you with a decent place for farming bones early on in V Rising.

Once you reach a higher level (25+), you can start farming bones from the far larger and more dangerous Forgotten Cemetary in the centre of the Farbane Woods. This area is also a great place to find Grave Dust, which you'll start to need lots of as you progress.

You should also make sure you open up any interactable coffins while in the graveyards, because they contain various useful resources, including bones. It's fairly easy to miss the fact that you can open up these coffins, so be sure to take a good look around any graveyard you find yourself inside.

Aside from graveyards, you can also learn how to gather bones from within your own home. Once you kill the boss Goreswine the Ravager (level 27), you'll unlock the ability to construct Tombs near your Castle Heart. These buildings act much like other resource-gathering and resource-refining buildings such as the Sawmill and the Furnace, but instead of working with wood and metal, you can place certain flowers on a tomb in order to summon skeletal enemies which you can then kill for easy access to bones without having to leave your castle grounds.

Hopefully this guide has given you a few answers during your search for more bones in V Rising. There are plenty of other early-game resources that you might struggle to find in V Rising, such as iron and leather. After gathering plenty of materials, take a look at our guide on how to improve your gear score in V Rising, an important step to consider before venturing out to find bosses.

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