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How to make a roof in V Rising

Learn how castle roofs work in V Rising

Want to know how to make a roof in V Rising? It's a source of confusion for many a new V Rising player. Roofs are useful both for blocking out the deadly sunlight and for speeding up the production of your various resource-refining buildings. But while walls and floors are easy enough to place down, roofs just don't seem to exist at all. What gives? Do vampires not deserve a roof over their head just like humans do?

Never fear, my sanguine friend. In the below guide we'll explain how castle roofs work in V Rising, which has now received the long-awaited version 1.0 update. We'll explain how you can add a fancy roof to any room in your castle, by fulfilling the appropriate prerequisites.

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How to make a roof in V Rising

To make a roof for a room in V Rising, the entire room needs to be made out of Reinforced Walls, and every floor tile also needs to be covered in flooring of some sort. Once you add the final wall or floor piece to fully confine a room in stone, then the game will automatically add a roof to the room for free.

You'll notice the lighting inside the room change once a roof is added. Instead of the walls casting shadows, the whole room will be in shadow. You'll finally be completely safe from the sunlight during the day. Having a roof is also very useful, because many resource-refining structures such as Sawmills and Furnaces gain a bonus to their refinement speed when inside a fully confined castle room.

Some players may be a little disappointed that they can't manually decide on the type of roof they want to add to their castle, but given the camera angle of V Rising, you won't see much in the way of roofs anyway. Plus, the automated process of roof construction means you won't ever have to concern yourself with what is almost always the most fiddly part of creating a house in any crafting and building game.

Now that the mystery of castle roofs in V Rising has been elucidated, you can turn your attention to other vampiric endeavours. To get new vampiric powers, check out our guide on how to find bosses in V Rising. If you're struggling in combat, use our guides on how to find iron and copper to craft better weapons and improve your gear score in V Rising.

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