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How to make Stone Bricks in V Rising

Learn how to refine Stone into Stone Bricks

How do you get Stone Bricks in V Rising? It's a very common question among players new to Stunlock Studios' new and excellent vampiric survival crafting game. The game does a decent job of explaining some things, but leaves you more or less on your own with other rather important details - including how to turn all that Stone in your inventory into more useful Stone Bricks for building.

Below you'll learn how to make Stone Bricks in V Rising, and what it costs to do so. Time never stops ticking in V Rising, which is now out of early access after the release of the version 1.0 update, so let's end this preamble and dive in.

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How to make Stone Bricks in V Rising

Raw Stone is useful on its own for many things, but to get started building a proper stone castle, you'll need to refine that stone into Stone Bricks. To make Stone Bricks, you'll first need to construct a Grinder near your Castle Heart.

The Grinder is found under Production -> Refinement in the building menu. It costs 8 Planks, 4 Copper Ingots, and 4 Whetstones, making it one of the more expensive starting buildings to make. You'll first need to construct a Sawmill for the Planks, and a Furnace in order to turn your Copper Ore into Ingots. If you need help getting Whetstones, follow our V Rising Whetstone guide.

Once your Grinder is placed down and powered by your Castle Heart, you can interact with it and place raw Stone in the Input section of the Grinder window. The Grinder will start to grind down the raw stone into more useable Stone Bricks. It will also create Stone Dust as a byproduct, which is used for a multitude of things - including crafting Whetstones at the Furnace.

It takes 12 raw Stone to make 1 Stone Brick (and 1 Stone Dust), so you'll need to bash a lot of rocks in order to get enough Stone Bricks to build a fitting castle for a lordly vampire such as yourself. You'd best furnish yourself with the most powerful mace you can find to make the task easier.

That should answer all your questions about obtaining Stone Bricks in V Rising. If you're still building your castle, take a look at our guide on how to get roofs in V Rising to protect yourself from the sun. If you're spending a lot of time away from your base to gather resources, it's also important to familiarise yourself with castle heart decay in V Rising. For other important early-game resources, check out our guides on how to find bones and how to get leather.

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