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How to get a horse in V Rising

How to get a horse with the right stats for you

How do you get a horse in V Rising? You'll likely have seen high-level players galloping down the roads of your V Rising server atop their noble steeds, and asked yourself when you'll be able to do the same. Horses are a great way to travel at high speed about the map, so it's a good idea to get one as soon as possible.

Below we'll explain where you need to go to find horses in V Rising, and how to claim one for yourself. We'll also go over horse stats, and how to keep your horse alive and out of danger.

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How to get a horse in V Rising

Horses in V Rising don't spawn naturally in the Farbane Woods, so you'll need to venture into the Dunley Farmlands in order to find your first horse. This area is far more dangerous than the Farbane Woods, so make sure you've hit at least level 30 before attempting to delve into the game's second major region.

There are numerous farms and other areas of the Dunley Farmlands which contain horses. When you get near one such area, open up your map and hover over the area to see which resources that area contains. If horses are listed, then you've just found an area where horses spawn!

To claim a horse as your own, all you need to do is approach one and interact with it to ride it. This will make it your own horse right away, and you can then proceed to ride it back to your home, ready to take on all your future journeys.

Horse stats in V Rising

Once you've ridden a horse once, you'll be able to view its stats by opening your inventory while riding or standing near the horse. Each horse in V Rising has three stats:

  • Max Speed: the maximum gallop speed of the horse.
  • Acceleration: how quickly the horse reaches its max speed.
  • Turning Speed: how quickly a horse can turn on the spot.

Each horse's stats are randomised when they are spawned into the world, so if you want to pick the very best horse you can find, you should hop onto each horse at least once so you can compare their stats and then return home with the very best on offer.

Two players in V Rising ride on horseback through a village of humans who attack them on sight.

How to keep your horse alive

Horses require water to stay alive. If you open your inventory while near a horse that you own, you'll see in the right-hand window a 1x3 grid where you can add water-filled canteens. Just like the Castle Heart using up Blood Essence, a horse will slowly consume the water in its inventory.

If a horse runs out of water, it will only last a certain amount of time before dying. Fortunately, you can also see in the horse's inventory how long the water in its inventory will last, giving you an idea of how often you need to keep tending to the horse's needs.

It's also worth noting that horses can be stolen in PvP mode, and they are also susceptible to damage by enemies. Horses can't fight back, so it's best that you don't park your horse right in the middle of a battlefield, or you may find yourself booking a visit back to the Dunley Farmlands to claim a new horse.

That wraps up this quick primer on how to get a horse in V Rising. If your horse does get stolen and you find yourself in combat with an enemy player, make sure you know how to heal in V Rising. To ensure you win the fight, find bosses to earn new powers and gather important materials, such as iron and copper, to improve your gear score in V Rising.

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