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Get Logitech's perfect starter racing wheel and pedals for 50% off in the UK

Two models are discounted, so choose from PC + Xbox or PC + PS4/PS5.

Logitech's G920 and G29 wheel and pedals sets are my go-to recommendations for aspiring racing fans, offering a noticeable improvement in control and feedback over a gamepad while costing far less than more advanced direct drive alternatives from the likes of Fanatec. Today both models are discounted to £170, a healthy discount from their usual £240 price point and more than 50% off their UK RRP - nice.

The G920 is the Xbox-oriented model, meaning it works on PC plus Xbox Series and One consoles, while the G29 is for PC plus PS4 and PS5 - so choose what's most useful to you!

In terms of the specs, the G920 and G29 hit all the right notes - you get three stainless steel pedals for clutch, brake and accelerator, plus clicky metal paddle shifters on the wheel and more than a dozen buttons to access other in-game functions. You can also get a shifter separately if you like for £38.

The leather-bound wheel provides reasonably detailed force feedback with up to 2.1NM of torque, helping you to judge when your car is on the limit of adhesion, critical information that helps you improve more rapidly than players on controller. There's also an LED indicator above the centre point of the wheel (on the G29 only) that lets you know when it's time to shift, while a line on the top of the wheel makes it easier to orient it. Of course, there are also mounting points on both wheels and pedals for use in racing cockpits and a clamp to mount the wheel to desks up to 5cm thick.

Overall, it's an easy to way to get a much more immersive racing experience while also improving your lap times, so do consider it - especially at this reduced price point!

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