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Final Fantasy XIV's patch 6.4 is out now, with new story quests and outdoor furniture

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Final Fantasy 14's patch 6.4 is out now. "The Dark Throne", as it's called, continues the MMO's main story, adds a new dungeon, raid and trials, and adds new furnishing to the Island Sanctuary.

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I'm not going to pretend I'm up-to-date with FFXIV's story, but a lot of its trailers seem to involve evil men on seemingly distant barren planets monologuing. I approve. The Dark Throne contains "the next chapter" in that story, the final chapter in the Pandæmonium raid series, a new dungeon called Aetherfont, The Voidcast Dais trial, Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal) trial, and new side quests.

It also expands several features, including a new ocean fishing route, and new dungeons added to the Duty Support System, meaning they can be completed by solo players.

The Island Sanctuary - Final Fantasy 14's chill farming zone - now includes new sanctuary ranks, as well as new items to gather and craft, new crops and animals to grow, and the ability to place outdoor furnishings. There's much more and you can read the full patch notes for 6.4 at the official site.

Final Fantasy 14 has grown in popularity steadily since its first rocky launch, and is now one of the best MMOs. Now if only they'd confirm a PC release date for Final Fantasy 16.

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