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Get the 1TB Crucial X8 portable SSD for £61

The lowest price we've ever seen for this RPS-recommended drive.

The Crucial X8 is one of our favourite portable SSDs, having in its corner a tough and compact design, impressive speeds and very reasonable pricing. That last point is especially true today, as the 1TB model of this external SSD has dropped to £61 - nearly half of its original £116 UK RRP.

  • Get the Crucial X8 1TB for £61 (RRP £116)

I wouldn't buy this SSD at this price - but that's only because I already have this exact model; it's one of my favourites! If you don't have a portable SSD, then I'd certainly suggest picking up the X8 at this lower price. It's super useful for all manner of things, but certainly copying video files to be played back on a TV, transferring games from PC to PC or PC to Steam Deck, and just backing up important stuff that's too large to be stored online or on a flash drive.

In terms of specs, this is a 1050MB/s sequential read speed SSD, so NVMe-class, connected via a USB-C 10Gbps interface. Both USB-C and USB-A connections are possible out of the box, which is nice, with a conveniently short cable that's easy to tuck into a laptop bag. The USB connection does limit things slightly, but the drive's still easily fast enough to run games from directly, making it quick useful for expanding the storage of gaming laptops and desktops alike.

I've owned this SSD for about three years now, and since picking it up it's continued to come in useful. I've even gotten faster SSDs through my work - the 2000MB/s WD_Black P50 - and I'm still using the X8 thanks to its more compact design and compatibility with my LG B9 OLED, something the faster WD drive doesn't seem to work with.

Overall, highly recommended - especially at this low price where it's a signficantly better value than our current best portable SSD pick, the £150 WD P40 - which is around about the same speed but comes with RGB lighting.

Thanks for joining me for what is the last RPS deals blog I'll write this week; tune in on Monday or maybe Tuesday next week for more PC deals!

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