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Microsoft's eco-friendly Remix Special Edition Xbox Controller is down to £60 at Amazon UK

Including the Play & Charge Kit, normally £20

The Xbox Series Wireless Controller is one of the best gamepads available for PCs, and the new eco-friendly Remix special edition has dropped to £60 on Amazon compared to a debut price of £75.

The Remix edition comes in a nifty green colour scheme, is made from recycled materials and is bundled with a free Microsoft Play & Charge kit, allowing you to replace the battery with a rechargeable Li-Ion alternative - significantly better for the environment than throwing away non-rechargeable batteries, as long as your home's energy comes from somewhat green sources.

Asides from its recycled content and bundled rechargeable battery, the Remix edition is the same controller we've been recommending since its introduction with the Series X/S consoles a few years back. That means an evolution of the design introduced with Xbox One, with grippier grips and better buttons, a layout and labels that are match those shown in basically all controller-supporting PC games, and surprisingly good build quality.

In terms of connectivity, you get two by default: USB-C wired and Bluetooth wireless. This is fine for most use cases, especially for PCs that have Bluetooth built in, but you might like to pick up an Xbox Wireless Adapter (£20 for a generic option on Amazon) to get lower-latency wireless for more fast-paced, competitive or time-sensitive titles.

The video detailing the Remix edition is kinda neat. Watch on YouTube

I think I've covered this controller quite a few times now, so I'll leave it there - but I will just note that I've got plenty of PC-compatible controllers available thanks to my work for Digital Foundry, but the controller I use most often is a standard Xbox Wireless controller like this one, for what it's worth!

I hope this deal was useful to you; thanks for reading and I'll catch you on the next one!

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