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The popular EVGA Z20 optical mechanical keyboard drops to $60 at Best Buy

This full-size mechanical keyboard includes macro keys, a wrist rest and a volume wheel.

EVGA's Z20 mechanical keyboard has turned up on the RPS Deals Patch a few times, but always in the UK - and now we've finally seen a decent price drop on the US version over at Best Buy. Until June 1st, you can pick up this full-size optical mechanical keyboard for $59.99, a $115 discount from its MSRP and a great deal.

The EVGA Z20 is surprisingly full-featured given its discounted price, with a full ANSI/US layout plus a column of macro keys, RGB backlighting, a leatherette wrist rest, volume wheel and those optical switches - which come in both linear (quiet-ish) and clicky (loud, tactile) variants. The keyboard supports up to a 4000Hz polling rate, four times that of standard USB keyboards, and it's well-built overall too.

Customer reviews at Best Buy are great, at 4.3/5 and 4.4/5 stars for the two models, and critic reviews also paint a promising picture. For example, RTings dub it "an outstanding mechanical gaming keyboard", thanks to the tank-like build quality, ergonomic options and a long feature list - including a time-of-flight sensor that can lock your PC when you're away.

I'd be remiss not to mention the customisation options afforded here too. With a standard key layout and those extra macro keys, you've got plenty of scope to replace the keycaps with something a bit more interesting or just add a few novelty keys on the side.

In any case, this is an awesome deal for a name-brand mechanical keyboard and well worth picking up if you fancy a full-size board.

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