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Replace *all* of your HDDs with this massive 8TB Samsung 870 Qvo SSD

Fast, silent, capacious.

Samsung's 870 Qvo SSD is one of the best options for high-capacity solid state storage, with a simple 2.5-inch form factor that doesn't take up a valuable M.2 or PCIe slot and a fast-enough SATA connection. While performance is good, at up to 550MB/s for reads and a little less for writes, the real benefit here is having up to 8TB of silent, reliable and low latency storage.

You can currently pick up this RPS-recommended gaming SSD in its ultimate 8TB form for less than £415 from two places in the UK: Tech Next Day, where you can use code TND-10 to get it for £414, and Amazon, where you can get the drive for £412. I've included both options in case you have a preference, and in the event the drive goes out of stock at this reduced price by the time you come to click the links below!

Now, don't get me wrong - ~£415 is still a lot of money for a QLC drive, even one with an 8GB DRAM cache - but you are also getting a huge amount of space that will take most people years and years to fill up.

Whether you want to keep all of your Steam library installed, host a Plex server with all your media or back up your smaller SSDs to a bigger drive, this 8TB model has you covered.

Most people I knew in uni back in 2011 with desktop PCs had at least one HDD in their machines for media or game storage, and a decade on many of these drives are still sitting around - either on a shelf somewhere or physically present in a computer. Replacing mechanical drives like these with an SSD alternative is honestly incredible, as after a (lengthy) transfer period you can unplug all of the mechanical drives and keep only SSDs in your machine.

For me, this was a transformative upgrade. On the next startup, you'll marvel at the complete lack of hard drive clunks and whirs; the instant speed with which you can open media files when you don't need to wait for a read head to physically move into position; the overall feeling of modernity. This is the future, baby - we don't need all of that spinning rust.

In any case, if you want a big-ol' SSD for media storage purposes, the 870 Qvo is one I can fully recommend - especially at this reduced price.

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