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Tiny Life is a leaner, lo-fi take on The Sims that's just entered early access

What if The Sims, but tiny?

Top-down screenshot of Tiny Life
Image credit: Top Hat Studios Inc

Perennial favourite The Sims 4 is about to get some much-needed competition in the life sim arena. Not only have we got upcoming games Life By You and Paralives offering more customisation options, more features, and more polish than The Sims, but now there's Tiny Life as well, a new entrant that asks the question: what if The Sims was simply smaller? Tiny Life has just released into early access, and it’s aiming to scratch that Sim-itch in a leaner, pixelated package.

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Tiny Life’s version of Sims are called Tinies, but as expected, you’ll still have control over their lo-fi looks and varied personalities. You’ll then use your Godly fingers to make them work for money, take care of their basic needs, and raise a family. A truly fruitful existence. Building aspects make a show here too, as you’re able to customise and create houses, parks, cafes, and other spaces.

Our resident simmer Rebecca put Tiny Life on RPS’ most anticipated games list, where she said: “Looking like a pixel art remake of 2000's original The Sims but incorporating numerous quality of life improvements introduced later in that series, Tiny Life is, well, a lifeline to those of us who frequently wish to replay older Sims games.”

The Sims’ endless menus have intimidated me in recent years, so I’m looking forward to a more compact take on the genre. Thankfully, there’s still tons of complexity here, if you’re looking for it. Tiny Life has Steam Workshop integrations, letting you share and download custom content through the game’s built-in modding tools. Anything’s possible in the future then.

Developer Ellpeck isn’t relying on the community to build Tiny Life’s future, though. They have a roadmap on their website that details post-launch plans such as multiplayer, pets, new skills, phones, and more.

Tiny Life is available on Steam for £13/€15/$15, although there’s currently a 15% introductory offer available now. You can sample the game with a free demo, too.

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