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Revenant Hill is the new cat-starring game from the makers of Night In The Woods

It has revolutionary intent

Night In The Woods' developers announced their new game during tonight's PlayStation Showcase. Much like their previous game, Revenant Hill stars a cat, but despite the similar appearance this one isn't anthropomorphic. It's also set in 1919. Watch the first trailer below.

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Well, it's still gorgeous, although I'm not sure of much else about the game. Developers The Glory Society did share some more information in a tweet:

"It’s 1919 in the Lower North and Twigs the cat has a dream," it says. "Find a safe place to sleep. Put down roots. Grow some radishes, get a job, eat mice, do dangerous things with new friends, and build something together in a world falling apart."

They also shared a screenshot in another tweet that at least confirmed that Twigs the revolutionary cat has dialogue.

Night In The Woods core development team founded The Glory Society, a worker co-operative, shortly after that game's release. They're again working with publishers Finji. We, like everyone else, loved Night In The Woods.

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