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X-Men leader Storm zaps into Marvel's Midnight Suns next week

Something about toads and lightning

Marvel’s Midnight Suns ends its post-launch tour with the long-time X-Men leader Storm, who’s joining the roster on May 11th. The weather-controlling mutant will be available as part of the Blood Storm DLC pack, which also includes new missions, hero outfits, and upgrades to The Abbey.

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The Blood Storm DLC pack is available to buy separately or as part of the Season Pass which also includes the previously released DLC characters: bad-mouthed merc Deadpool, alien frenemy Venom, and Midnight Suns’ old-timer Morbius. Storm’s arrival closes out the current post-launch plans, but it also concludes this story. Completing every mission in these bits of DLC gives you a “final showdown against an age-old monster of myth,” according to the game’s website.

The X-Men have always been the absolute coolest Marvel heroes, and Storm’s at the very top of that pack. Most of the time, Storm’s powers are capable of whipping up blizzards, whirlwinds, or bolts of lightning, but she’s occasionally able to manipulate the air inside someone else’s body, although I doubt this DLC will get that morbid.

Blood Storm is also the last Firaxis project that director Jake Solomon will ever work on, as the long-time strategy designer is now leaving the studio to pursue the life sim genre. Solomon’s goodbye with Storm is fitting then, since he said she’s “one of my favourite characters of all time” in a recent Tweet.

Storm’s inclusion makes an already good game even better, though. Our Katharine enjoyed both its strategy battling and the social elements of befriending heroes in her Marvel’s Midnight Suns review, calling it the best Marvel game yet.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available for £50/$60/€60 on Steam and The Epic Games Store, and the Blood Storm pack will be £12 when it zaps onto storefronts. May 11th also marks the game’s launch on last-gen Xbox and Playstation consoles, while the Nintendo Switch version has been cancelled.

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