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Marvel's Midnight Suns update lets you cast aside your friendships in New Game+

Up yours, Blade

I gave up on the very last misssion of Marvel's Midnight Suns because I found the finale too gruelling, but all you clever eggs who finished it might be interested in today's update. Along with some fixes and quality of life updates that apply to the whole game, you can now tweak your New Game+ settings to customise what progress you bring into your next stab at Lilith. Want to not be friends with anyone anymore? Now you can!

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The new settings let you mix and match from what you'd like to take into New Game+, individually toggling whether you want to keep your friendship levels, hero abilities, resources and cosmetics. The update notes don't mention the Abbey Grounds, so I assume you are still forced to reset your exploration progress. It's a shame, because if I do decide I want another run then I'd rather not sign up for all that jogging.

I can see why you might want to reset your hero abilities and resources but nothing else, so you can climb back up the combat power curve while wearing your favourite cloak and becoming besties with every single one of the Abbey's heroes. Starting over in New Game+ has some general appeal for me too, because I could treat it as a chance to properly experiment with the Hulk, rather than leaving him on the sidelines because the first time round he only became playable once I had a healthy roster of established characters and strategies.

To do that I'd have to actually finish the damn thing, of course. I was going strong up until the very last mission, which became a tedious slog I had no chance of winning without extensive restarts and save-scumming. An hour of that was enough to make me give up and watch the final cutscene on YouTube, and I'm curious about whether any of you had the same experience.

Today's update also brings general stability improvements, lets you add mission cards to your hand even if you're at the normal card limit, and smooths out Charlie's movements when you take him for walkies. Full details can be found here.

Katharine's Marvel's Midnight Suns review dubs it "the best Marvel game yet", which is an insult to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 but also true.

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