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The Case Of The Golden Idol's three new mysteries are out now

The Spider Of Lanka

A bearded man with a spotted towel over their head approaches a fat king in The Spider Of Lanka DLC for The Case Of The Golden Idol.
Image credit: Playstack

The Case Of The Golden Idol was one of our favourite games of last year. It's a detective game in which you solve a dozen murders, each presented as a freeze frame at the moment of death.

It now has an expansion. The Spider Of Lanka offers three more murders to solve and acts as a prequel to the main game.

Here's a trailer:

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Set in 1741 in the fictional Kingdom Of Lanka, these three murders involve characters some familiar from the main game. Among the cast is the Spider Of Lanka, the villain "puppeteering events to shape the future," according to its Steam page.

Each of Golden Idol's mysteries are reminiscent of the recent, wonderful Return Of The Obra Dinn in terms of how you solve them. You're not a person with a magic watch here, but an omniscient detective without a presecence in the narrative, who can poke around in scenes, rifling through pockets and bins to find items and absorb visual clues. You use what you find to fill in the blanks in the chain of events, like a grisly game of madlibs.

There's only ever one right answer, and each one requires thought and deduction to solve. The three new cases will apparently "demand the utmost of your deduction powers to unravel," claims the Steam page.

If you're desperate for more pixel art crime, you can buy Golden Idol Mysteries: The Spider Of Lanka for £4.49/ from Steam now. It requires the base game, obv. Given that the base game also won the Excellence In Design award at the IGFs, you ought to already own it.

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