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Mystery puzzler The Case Of The Golden Idol now has a free browser-based demo - and new DLC

Try three cases for free of one of 2022's best games

A rumble on the beach in The Case Of The Golden Idol DLC The Lemurian Vampire.
Image credit: Color Gray Games

The Case Of The Golden Idol is a fabulous, point-and-click detective game, and one of our favourite games of 2022. It's got a brand new expansion which adds three new cases out today, which is good news if you've already played the rest of it.

If you haven't played any of it, there's now a new demo that lets you play the first three cases in your browser for free.

In order to try the demo, simply head here and it'll run in your browser. You can read our original review if you want to hear more about how it echoes Obra Dinn before you commit the time to it, but honestly you should just give it a go yourself.

As for the expansion, it's called the The Lemurian Vampire, and its three new cases wrap up the "origin story of the Golden Idol" and the events which precede the main game. It costs £5/$6 and is available from Steam now.

Here's a trailer:

The launch trailer for The Lemurian Vampire DLC.Watch on YouTube

The Lemurian Vampire continues on from the previous DLC, the Spider Of Lanka, which was released three months ago.

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