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Excellent detective game The Case Of The Golden Idol is getting three prequel DLC cases next week

The Spider Of Lanka expansion unfolds on May 4th

A dead body is trapped inside a coffin on wheels in The Spider Of Lanka DLC for The Case Of The Golden Idol
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The Case Of The Golden Idol was one of my favourite games of 2022, but one twist I didn't see coming from the heir to Obra Dinn's detective crown was more of it, or more of it so soon, for that matter. Happily, developers Color Gray Games have announced a new DLC pack is coming for The Golden Idol next week called The Spider Of Lanka. Set in 1741, a year before the first scenario of The Golden Idol proper, this trio of new cases looks set to shed extra light on the titular idol whose mysterious powers set the original game in motion. I'm afraid I can't tell you much more than that, as most of the announcement details have been slapped with big black REDACTED marks. Have a watch of the reveal trailer below instead.

I really wasn't kidding about the redacted marks: "The new story follows Albert Cloudsley and Oberon Geller on their maiden voyage to the fictional Kingdom of Lanka, as they visit [REDACTED], the Raja whose Priest has some startling information concerning the location of a [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED], apparently [REDACTED] [REDACTED] to turn [REDACTED] into [REDACTED]."


What it does tell us, though, is that The Spider Of Lanka will take place in an all-new location (ssshh, I know that's obvious from the title, but work with me here), and that we'll be scouring courtyards, throne rooms, dockyards anbd back alleys for clues to solve its broader mystery. Some of the screenshots look well good, too:

A bearded man with a spotted towel over their head approaches a fat king in The Spider Of Lanka DLC for The Case Of The Golden Idol.
Several people lie murdered in a card playing room in The Spider Of Lanka DLC for The Case Of The Golden Idol.
An unfortunate man, who is not breathing, lies with an axe through his skull in The Spider Of Lanka DLC for The Case Of The Golden Idol.
A night time town scene in The Spider Of Lanka DLC for The Case Of The Golden Idol.

Consider me very excited. If you missed the original Case Of The Golden Idol, you can read more about its clever murder cases in my review, where I said its "intriguing tale of 18th century high (and a secret) society, betrayals, backstabbing and murder most foul is a mystery game for the ages". There's also a free demo of the original on Steam still, too, so you can see if you dig its 'filling in the blanks' style of detectoring.

You will need to own The Case Of The Golden Idol in order to play The Spider Of Lanka, but we'll have more thoughts on this trio of new cases closer to launch. For now, you can eye it up on The Golden Idol's Steam page, where it will cost £5 / €6 / $6 when it launches on May 4th.

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