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You Nodes It: More Limit Theory Dev Diaries

No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there's no limit

As regular readers of my "Craig is far too excited about Limit Theory" posts are aware, I hang on the Limit Theory developer updates like Sylvester Stallone hangs on to ropes. Josh Parnell's open-world space game is plodding along in development, and each month he releases a new video that completely floors me. If I am in a position to share it with thousands of pairs of eyes, I shall. That means you get two updates in this post, as the RPS CMS has been hidden from me for a few months, and I'll be gone again come Tuesday. Watch these, and also demand that I am brought back at least once a month to share them with you*.

You'll see the node system that I got excited about in my previous post come together into something functional. Across the two videos, it goes from modding interface to suffusing everything, creating a hierarchical structure that will allow you to filter the whole world. Josh zooms from the universe view all the way down to the nodes on the outside of his ship in one smooth movement. The leap from abstract menu to nearly functional, super-duper ship helper is marvelous.

You'll also get to see the AI being reworked, and it's now in a place where it understands how to utilise other people in the world: NPCs can post contracts for you to pick up, and they're not just missions, but will truly fulfill a need for the AI's goals. Watch.

Great stuff. If you want more, you should probably follow his daily updates, and he is an infrequent tweeter.

*It's a genuine pleasure.

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