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That's Some Fine Mining: Limit Theory 


A bunch of the RPS posse are hitting up GDC, so the remaining blog squad coaxed me into the Forbidden Chatroom Of Mystery 2.0 as cover. They did so by tying my favourite piece of string to a string and dragging it along the floor, trapping me at the CMS and threatening to give me a paper cut. I am making the most of it by watching the latest Limit Theory dev update, and being gently lulled by Josh Parnell's relaxing manner. Nothing in the world is bad when I can watch an open-world space game come together in blindingly pretty monthly lumps. It's a good one as well, because it's probably the first time we get to see what the game will be like to play.

First up is a reworking of the scanner tech from the previous episode: it was pretty, but I actually agree that the functionality was confusing. Josh has spent the month rebuilding it, uncurling it from a radial menu in the middle of the screen, and creating a spectral analyser along the bottom of the screen that peaks according to what's in your view. It's much more functional, easily enabling you to recognise multiple peaks immediately.

That ties into the mining: ores can be spotted more easily, and after finding them you fire drones directly into the asteroid surface. They'll report on the density of the ore, and tell you what percentage of it is near the surface. Multiple drones fired into the asteroid will enable you to triangulate thick veins of ore.

And here's how it looks.

Still no release date, but I want it now.

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