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Me, Myself And UI: Limit Theory

You take the high node

I love it when developers talk about their user interfaces. Not their personal buttons, which I'd rather not push, but the systems that they build as a means of communication between players and games. A good UI, like strong visual design, creates a sort of language all of its own, and Limit Theory's node-based interface has an elegant grammar. In the latest dev diary, Josh Parnell covers the spiffy customisable HUD and the most attractive scanner since Michael Ironside.

I haven't built up too much excitement about Limit Theory because Craig has been hogging all of the fervent anticipation. There's only so much to go around.

It's a fascinating project though. With as many interesting ideas as Star Citizen and Elite have between them, and graphics as handsome and clean as a leading man in the forties. I am officially borrowing some of Craig's excitement and keeping it for myself.

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