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Space Dust Glittering: Limit Theory Footage

No limits.

Tired, irritable, stressed, smelly*? Don't worry, we all get like that from time to time. Don't suffer, though. Each month the developer of the open-world, procedural space simulation game Limit Theory releases a video of his game's progress. In it you'll see the latest tweaks to the engine that his made, and watch as the potential for his Elite-style space game becomes grander and more exciting. No matter what Josh Parnell is talking about, be it the first smear of a lighting system or the initial drop of the AI code that will turn his static world into a living universe, he does so with tone and of a Jazz FM DJ at 3am. His words are a pillow for your brain. Don't operate heavy machinery while watching this video.

Finally! A thing that's bugged Josh in the past couple of videos has been fixed: dust clouds that look like dust clouds while he was inside them, but disappearing when he left. That's now no longer the case and he's absolutely thrilled with the effect. In addition to that, he's added dynamic lighting, so blasts of plasma fire or soft burns of the engines will splash light over nearby asteroids.

Which we've all seen before in various games, so to throw a curve at us he introduces us to the NPC AI. He appears to be aiming to remove scripting and specification from their activities, allowing them to move freely throughout throughout the world, recognizing opportunities and acting on them. Ooh.

*You might want to take a shower for that, to be honest.

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