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Night Of The Living Economy: Limit Theory Dev Diary

Econ man

"I would not be exaggerating if I were to say I think this is the most influential month of development so far," says Josh Parnell. I've been used to letting the Limit Theory dev diaries just play, letting gaming's equivalent of Bob Ross talk and relax me. Perhaps that's why I'm so happy the game is being made? He's pulling some sort of high-level vocal massage trick. Well it didn't work in this update, because he's very excited about this month's work on his Elite-like space game. It was the month where he decided to focus on simulating the economy: creating a swarm of NPCs ships in a single sector and examining how they react to supply and demand. He's breathing life into his gorgeous universe.

You can see the economy flow in terrifying graphs that make no sense to me, but you're seeing a very early implementation of the economic view, anyway. They're really just showing raw data and probably need a lot more context. You can see the flow and spikes as the hundreds of ships mine and deliver the ore from the belt and start their economic journey. I'll leave the little surprise about what's driving this supply and demand for you to discover.

I keep forgetting to link to this, but Josh also keeps dev log that's full of background detail. You can even read it in his voice.

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