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Breaking News: Limit Theory Still Looks Lovely

I have a theory about Limit Theory, the ridiculously handsome game of space that's being developed by a small team. It looks too good for a two-man team to be making it, doesn't it? Suspiciously so. But I don't think developer Josh Parnell is lying when he claims it's a small team making it, despite italicising 'suspiciously' for effect. It's just that he doesn't realise that his work computer actually has a Quantum Hard-Drive. His elegant space game is being developed by a multiplicity of Procedural Realities, coding across universes, turning out an Elite-ish space game across dimensions. That's why it's so impressive. I hope our Josh Parnell isn't the evil one! He seems so nice in the videos below.

There have a been a couple of development blogs in the time RPS last took a look, and I think my theory stands when you look at them. Nebulae have never looked so fluffy, battleships are shinier and bigger than ever before. Most importantly for me, one of the many Joshes or Andys (Thompson, Art Lead) has been working on planets. He's just casually tossed in some atmospheric scattering like it ain't no thing.

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This next video definitely has the shiniest battleship I've ever seen. I love the sense of scale. Most importantly, this has the first look at the crafting system. The widget driven UI looks super slick, and I like a man who is willing to test out his missiles on his own ship. Very Zapp Brannigan.

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It's not out, but I want it I want it I want it!

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