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I Very Much Roguelike The Humble Weekly Bundle

Shedding lite

While the main Humble Bundle is diverting itself from gaming with a really quite splendid collection of audiobooks, it seems to have snuck out one of the best collections of games so far in its Weekly Bundle. Rather than showcasing games from one studio, this week it's a collection of Roguelikes. (Everyone who wants to have a fight about the terminology, please do so here.) That's Paranautical Activity, Dungeons Of Dredmor Complete, Hack Slash Loot, The Binding Of Isaac + DLC, Teleglitch Die More Edition, and Sword Of The Stars: The Pit Gold. Cor.

It's pay-what-you-want for the first three, and then anything over $6 for the lot. Which is just so crazy good. Just Teleglitch alone costs £9, £10 with the Guns And Tunes DLC it comes with. And it was one of the best games of 2013! Binding Of Isaac and the Wrath Of The Lamb DLC, would normally be £6. This is such a strong collection, and will likely allow you to fill in any games in your roguelite collection. I've never played Hack, Slash, Loot nor Paranautical Activity, I have to confess. But now I can. Although just seeing the words "Teleglitch" are making me want to stop everything and just play that some more. Mmmm, Teleglitch.

Or Dredmor! It's ages since I played Dredmor! Oh dear, I have so much work to do.

There are three days to go, and it's already made over $400,000 so far. Which means it's far out-performing the official main Humble Bundle by more than twice, in fewer days. Remarkable. Although that Audio Book Bundle is well worth a glance, with the likes of Cormac McCarthy, William S. Burroughs and Dave Eggers in there.

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