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Oh My God! A South Park: The Stick Of Truth Video


It is the near future, the year 2014. We are approaching The Ascension. It has long been foretold that this time would come, and that South Park: The Stick Of Truth would come out. The runes are now glowing, high on Mount Youtube, to be seen far and wide. A harbinger of things to come. This ungodly glow brings with it news of How The Game Was Made to all the subjects of the land. Soon, everyone shall know of the farts and the animation, and the existential horror of seeing a child's voice coming out the face of a grown man. Gaze ye upon it, and prepare for the incoming storm.

I've been re-watching South Park. It's way more sophisticated than I appreciated at the time. Though there is a worry that the game will be removed from the absolutely brutal and biting satire of the show--because it can never be up-to-date--there are plenty of episodes that give me hope. As the video below mentions, a lot of the show is just kids being kids, and some of the best episodes for me comes from when the kids are playing and everything just spins out from that (Good Times With Weapons, The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers).

The video has swearing and adult situations, and because of its content should not be viewed by anyone.

You know, I just watched a grown-man pretending to use a controller to demonstrate a game's farting mechanic. I am totally okay with my life.

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