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White Heat: White Night Is Beautifully Unnerving

Monochrome mystery

White Night is a 'narrative survival horror' game that I first learned about earlier today. Two minutes later, I was as excited for its release as I am for just about any other game coming out this year. Not coincidentally, two minutes is the length of the most seductive trailers I've seen for a long time. We missed the video's debut in October but now that the light of our lanterns has fallen upon it, I urge you to watch it without further ado. Think Alone in the Shadows and Fog of German Expressionism.

Everything, from the beginnings of the plot to the country of origin and animation style, reminds me of a segment from French animated film Fear(s) of the Dark. The film has five short horror stories, each from a different director and in a different animation style, and the fifth segment involves an elderly gent exploring an abandoned mansion. In the dark. The clip below isn't the best representation but it's the best I could find.

Here's a little more detail about White Night.

In order to survive this long night, the player will have to solve puzzles based on the use of light. His safety will depend on the different light sources scattered all around the manor. Some will be fragile, while the most powerful will take efforts to be reached… But if darkness is active and lethal, a mysterious presence will also enlighten the night.

Spotted via Tom Senior's Twitterings.

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