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DM From The AM To The PM In Dungeonforge

DIY Dungeons

Having a boss is a lot like having a real-life Dungeon Master. This morning in the Forbidden Chatroom of Mystery 2.0, I posted about Dungeonforge, and said it looked neat. John shouted "Postify", and here I am. Dungeonforge is an online action RPG that gives the players the tools to DM the world. You can build towns and dungeons in the world, leaving them there for people to stumble across and fight through, and you can even host live DM sessions in what you've made. They've just launched a Kickstarter, and...

Craig, I am DMing your post: a pants eating dragon has eaten your pants. You now have no pants. Take off your pants. It also eats winkies.

Sigh. Just don't play it with John.

Craig, a capital letter eating chilblain has attached itself to your foot. You now have limited capitals to use.

can i can quote the developers to get around that?

I'm going to allow this.

hah! right. well, according to the devs: "You will be able to craft adventures rife with deep dungeons, dark woods, frosty mountain tops, and just crawling with the unspeakable legions of darkness. Your content then becomes part of the over-arching gameworld for all to enjoy. You can script quests within your adventure for players to complete, or even perform a 'Live Telling' of your adventure, wherein you actively take the role of dungeon master, playing the part of NPCs and controlling monsters to shape the experience of the players dynamically, in real time."

Your use of 'Quote' has defeated the chillblain.

I am victorious! The idea that really gets me is that what you build will be adding to an online world, so anyone can come along and play what you've made. The developers won't be resting on UGC, though: each of the five characters will have a storyline to progress through. Here's a video, yo.

Craig, you have posted a video. Everyone gets +3 eyes.

They're looking at a release date of Nov 2014.

Craig, you have reached the end of the post. Well played. Now put your pants back on.

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