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Wasteland 2 To Receive 'Significant' Combat Improvements

Also: bug fixes, better balance, more reactivity

Alec and I each had a go at Wasteland 2's Early Access beta, and we both came away whistling upbeat tunes while prepping our shotguns for more. A lot more, hopefully. inXile's post-apocalyptic revival/alternate dimension vision of Fallout 3 is far from finished, and it needs viscous globs of spit 'n' shine in many areas. But those crafty developer types, they've been paying attention to every article, video, and sea shanty posted in reaction to their multi-million-dollar baby. They are watching. But that's a good thing - at least, in this case. Next on the docket for Wasteland 2: vastly more interesting combat, a better UI, improved balance, bug fixes, and even more world reactivity. In other words, pretty much all the stuff Alec and I (and most other humans) asked for.

Brian Fargo laid out the roadmap in a post on Wasteland 2's Kickstarter:

"We’re working on significant improvements to combat. Destructible cover was part of this last update as a first pass with more fine-tuning to come; we will likely add a crouching stance with a variety of tactical applications; we’re going over a lot of the encounter design to more carefully detail tactics-changing factors like ladders or destructible cover; and we’re in the first testing stages to explore adding a special attack system that’ll allow you to invest AP to make specific kinds of attacks based on your weapon types and the skill levels you’ve achieved in those weapons… things like spread shots or steady shots."

Other focuses of the game's ongoing development cycle will include interface enhancements, balance passes on pretty much everything, a minimap overhaul, improvements to the weapon modding system, better UIs, improved pathing, overhauls for field medic and surgeon, and "significant" increases in all-around reactivity based on what players have done thus far. Before anything else, however, expect bug fixes, optimization, and a new area in the beta build.

It's a solid list, and I'm happy to see that inXile's applying extra-strength gorilla glue to this one's "beta" tag. Personally, I'm still hoping for more pre-battle planning and control options (the ability to drop into grid mode and position units before enemy units have noticed you, etc), but all indications seem to suggest a good direction for Wasteland 2 regardless.

What would you like to see added or changed before Wasteland 2 is "finished"?

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