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William's Cartel: Probably Archery's Multiplayer

Bobbins Hood

You can play Probably Archery right now, or try to at least. The intentionally harrowing control scheme might prevent you from fully engaging with the sizeable demo for half an hour or so, as you flail and windmill your arms in an attempt to notch an arrow onto a bowstring. Recently Greenlit, Probably Archery is William Tell* by way of Surgeon Simulator and the demo contains various scenarios, ably showcasing the blend of QWOP-like mechanics with a dollop of Serious Sam and a pinch of Magritte. The full version, we're now told, will contain extensive multiplayer shenanigans, which should provide tension and hilarity. One mode even takes inspiration from DayZ. Don't eat any rotten apple-heads.

In an interview with programmer Matthew Carr, Bitpulse learned that the game is near completion and that the unannounced mode is partly a result of the team's frustrations with DayZ.

Right now we’re just finishing up something really, really… odd. I don’t want to spoil it just yet, but it was the strange result of messing around with weird ideas after being frustrated by DayZ‘s current state and I think it could be one of the most popular modes in the game.

Probably Archery is available to preorder via the Humble store and will be available on that thar Steam.

*traditionally, Tell toted a crossbow and my references are as hollow and meaningless as a politician's campaign promises

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