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Contintental Gift: PlanetSide 2 Roadmap Updated

PlanetSide getting more planet

It's the greatest tragedy of our capitalist system that our economy can't yet support a world in which I just sit around all day and play PlanetSide 2. Instead I need to live with the guilt of never playing it enough, and assuage that guilt by writing about it coming updates. The game's public roadmap was just updated to outline the next six months of development, and it looks like the massive, multiplayer shooter will be getting a new continent called Hossin in May.

Most of the updates are focused on re-balancing classes or vehicles, and the development team's focus is guided by user voting and commenting. There are a few features, like Continental Locking, that will significantly re-structure the shape of PlanetSide 2's war.

Right now, the game is a bit of a free-for-all: three factions fighting over three continents with constantly shifting frontlines. Continental Locking will make each of those three continents the home of one of the races, with warpgates connecting it to battle islands that sit between them. If you want to invade an enemy from your home continent, you'll need to advance through those warpgates, through the battle island and onwards to the opposing continent. Hossin, when it launches in May, will sit in the middle, connected by three warp gates and home to no one but those who capture it through ceaseless war.

Which sounds pretty cool.

Hossin was originally revealed last August. It's a jungle continent and it looks like this:

PlanetSide 2 is free-to-play and, as Jim has written about, is kind of astonishing. Its shift to a weekly release schedule should mean it's getting better faster than before, and you can even play with other lovely RPS people.

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