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This Is An Arkham City Batarang Controller

I'm too good to you lot. First of all I ease your aching need for a $200 Star Wars keyboard, and now I point you towards a promotional Batman: Arkham City controller designed like a batarang and lit up like some kind of high-tech bat... controller.

No price just yet, but the controller will be available in all game shops which "carry Power A peripherals" when Arkham City comes out. There's a PS3 one too, though that's wireless and Lord knows if it'll come with a long enough USB to mini USB for PC use. Here's the Xbox one in all her plastic glory.

Peripheral manufacturers Power A had this to say:

"POWER A understands the high quality standard that partnering with a legendary brand such as Batman demands," said John Moore, vice president of product development and marketing for POWER A. "We are committed to making the best possible controller to amplify the experience players have with Batman: Arkham City, and the Batarang does just that. It's not just a great Batman collectible, but a high-performance controller worthy of the Batman: Arkham City game."

Somewhat impressively, it isn't anywhere near as batarang-like as that terrifying prototype PS3 controller that Sony threatened gamers with back in 2006, but it's still fairly batmanish. Any takers?

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