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The Old Republic: The New Trailers

This ludicrously high-gloss CGI intro cinematic for Bioware's Star Wars MMO goes to great lengths to stress that is very much a Star Wars game, despite the an even longer, long time ago era it's set in. It's like a Greatest Hits of Star Wars, but starring dudes you don't recognise. It's also a chance to admire the essential archetypes in the game, with the Han Solo type throwing all metaphor to the wind and actually being a bloody cowboy here. Jolly impressive stuff, but obviously it tells us Wookie-squat about what the game actually plays like. Forunately, we have a video for that too...

First, here's the other revenge of the Sith, and the cinematic you'll see at the start of the game:

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Next, the game itself. Be particularly sure to watch 1m36s in. Just like The Empire Strikes Back, I swear it.

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On top of this, a smidgeon of news. We still don't know exactly when SWTOR will launch or what the payment model will be, but we do now know that it will be exclusive to EA's newly-revealed Steam/GoG rival Origin. I'm presuming there'll be a retail release too, but even so it should lend the revamped EA digi-store a bit more mojo.

For more on SWTOR, you'll be wanting to read John's hands-on previews here and here.

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