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Check Out My Rig: Trucks & Trailers Demo

It's not professional to criticise my colleagues in public, but sometimes a line has to be drawn. It was my day off on Friday, and I entrusted Rock, Paper, Shotgun entirely to the others. And yet no one - NO ONE - bothered to report news of a 30 minute demo for Trucks & Trailers. I can only apologise. And sob. Fortunately I'm here now.

What a half an hour it is. There's parking trucks, parking trucks, reversing trucks to park them, and parking trucks. Or, if you're me, within about fifteen seconds deliberately detaching your own trailer and seeing if you can tip it over.

There's three difficulty levels, each requiring a higher standard of trucking. And boy, does it heap on the praise when you do well:

"EXCELLENT! That was awesome! Perfectly clean and really fast. Congratulations, you truly deserve the top award."

Of course, it gets equally as angry when you mess up:

"You have failed to accomplish this task to pro standard! A real pro should not make any mistakes."

I'm sorry truck parking simulator : (

What an odd thing. Odder still are the graphics, that look as though they would be good if someone hadn't smeared a thick layer of petroleum jelly across your windscreen. Strange, blurry world.

You can test your own trailer-wielding skills for a free half hour (such generosity!) here.

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