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The Sword In The Stone: King Arthur's Gold

Friend of RPS Phill Cameron pinged this at me this morning, the sweetie- indie project King Arthur's Gold is big ol' team-based multiplayer battle with an emphasis on destructible terrain and constructing defenses. In essence, it's a 2D, medieval interpretation of the incredible Ace of Spades. Which was, of course, a more combative interpretation of Minecraft. Between this and Terraria, we've got quite a commendable amount of larceny going on. It's so nice seeing those strong ideas honed and repurposed.

Want to learn more about King Arthur's Gold? I've got info and footage after the jump. Or, if you'd prefer, you can just start playing it here.

Here's the basics of how it works. Click for bigger!

The aim of the game is to mine the level's gold and drag it back to your team's rather meagre little tent. As the Builder class, you'll be able to mine this gold, as well as build ladders, walls, doors and even catapults. Alternatively you can play as a Knight or an Archer, and make forays into the enemy's side of the level with the aim of slaughtering them and picking gold off of their bodies.

That's basically it. But as anyone who's played Ace of Spades will tell you, when you can rip apart and reassemable the level as you see fit, things are never simple or easy. As in AoS, the average KAG server is always full of elaborate (and mostly half-finished) deathtraps, with players desperate to undermine each other both literally and metaphorically.

That said, combat in King Arthur's Gold's is a lot more forgiving than in Ace of Spades. It's a more relaxed experience, was my impression- instead of picking your way across a sniper-studded warzone, here you always see enemies long before they're in range, meaning you have ample time to go pegging it back towards your home.

Definitely give it a shot. This is a genre I'd love to see develop into something grander and more commercial.

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