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Build castles and blow them up in 2D brawler Siege!

Castle crushers

I really like the look of Siege! [official site], an upcoming local multiplayer brawler from developers 2nd Studio.

Each game starts by both teams building a castle fitted out with cannons. Then, all hell breaks lose. Cannon balls fly, stone walls crumble, and your knight takes to the turf, slashing his sword. Once you've destroyed your opponent's base and killed the King inside, you win.

You can fight against your friends or work together to defend your castle against hordes of enemies. There's a progression system, too, that unlocks new items as you fight.

It almost looks like an arcade version of King Arthur's Gold, where teams of up to 16 players built sprawling castles and then found increasingly creative ways to blow them up. Brendan was a big fan.

Siege! is due to launch into early access this summer. Before that, 2nd Studio have launched a closed alpha test, which you can sign up to here. If they get it right I reckon that it could be a nice little party game. What do you think?

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