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Robin Confirmed In Batman: Arkham City

The three most exciting words in the English language today are "Batman: Arkham City". It's a fact. So you should be very interested to know that US game retailer Best Buy yesterday published a listing for Batman: Arkham City touting Robin as an exclusive, downloadable playable character for two challenge maps if you pre-order from them. See the listing for yourself and read my hasty conclusions after the jump.

Here is my conclusion: Maaan this pre-order stuff is getting out of hand.

That said, creating an all new playable character just so that some pre-order customers can play a couple of challenge maps with him doesn't sound quite right to me. Sure, Batman: Arkham Asylum offered the Joker as a playable character to PS3 owners, but that was with a whopping eight all-new challenge maps. That was a big deal. This sounds like smaller potatoes.

To my mind, the real blow here is that if Robin really is a downloadable, exclusive character then the Boy Wonder won't feature in the game proper. Boo! I'm going to cheer myself up by watching this tape of Burt Ward auditioning to be in the original series of Batman. He's gonna do a couple of throws, and a couple of falls.

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