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Portal 2 Summer Mapping Initiative Winners

Ah, summer. The lazy days, the warm breezes, the gigantic storm clouds, rain showers and lightning storms ravaging the local area. You know, I think I'd be better off staying inside. But that's alright, because the Portal 2 Summer Mapping Initiative winners have been announced! Or rather, one winner and two plucky runner ups have been chosen from the 280 entries into the grand map-making competition for the well-received physics-bending puzzler. Who's it going to be? Drumroll, please...


First Place: Patent Pending by Ebola

Second Place: Infinifling by MrTwoVideoCards (oooh, get you)

Runner Up: Edifice by Omnicoder

They each win bags of lovely Aperture Science themed swag for their troubles, the talented trio. We'll give the maps a go tonight and see which is Best.

If you're looking at All The Stuff! with jealous eyes, then maybe you'd like to give the other compo a shot? Much like Valve's earlier Midnight Riders promotion for Left 4 Dead 2, the second competition is to make the best music video to accompany The National's soulful Exile Vilify, the featured song from Portal 2. The contest closes on July 15th, and there's more loot up for grabs including a real-life guitar signed by The National, so break out the camcorders and get filming! In fact, we'll have a roundup of the better entries in a future post.

For comparison, here are the winners of the Midnight Riders competition.

Protip: Don't make the Exile Vilify one like these.

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