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Red Orchestra 2 Server Options Detailed

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, the sequel to jaw-droppingly bleak 2006 multiplayer FPS Red Orchestra (which you can read me screaming about here), is absolutely the PC exclusive on the horizon that I'm most excited about. Just look here at the features list. They're taking a rich, rare little game and turning it into a beast. A beast! With bullets for teeth!

Anyway, Blue's News have spotted a thread on the "Bash and Slash" forums (ew) and another thread on the PBBans forum where people are reporting on the game's cheating countermeasures and impressive array of server options (including a server tool to allow hosts to modify everything from weapons to scoring elements). It's all to be found after the jump.

In short, RO2 will feature ranked dedicated server support (as well as unranked), it'll utilise both Punkbuster and Valve Anti-Cheat and the game will ship with the following slightly techy extra:

- RO TV 2.0 – a fully featured spectator mode (1st, 3rd and freecam) for broadcasting and moviemaking

- SDK – full Software Development Kit and mapping tool out of the box

- Demo Recording – fully supported, to allow for immediate inclusion intournaments, LANs etc

- LAN Support – the game is LAN friendly and features LAN specific functionality. TWI also plan to sponsor LANs financially for HoS

- Custom Server Configs – Server configs are fully customizable, so rulesets areeasily created for organizations like ESL, Clanbase, eSports Portal, etc.

- Fully Modifiable Gameplay – A host of variables controllable server side with a bespoke server tool, to ensure balanced and fair play. This includes weapons,classes, game types, gameplay elements and scoring elements – back to the good old days!

- Client Optimization – Your own preferences are fully adjustable, including fullkey bind, HUD configuration etc

Hooray! Back to the good old days indeed. Here, have a lengthy video walkthrough to see what's got me so excited.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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