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Say "Iwo Iwo" To Rising Storm

Game development hint: if you're going to place your game in a real setting, make it an island paradise. That way you can claim a holiday on company expenses. I'll bet the developers of this officially supported mod have spent the last six months laughing it up in the Pacific while they brought Iwo Jima into Red Orchestra 2's chilly war. The Rising Storm team are suntanned and well-rested, and celebrating their jaunt with the dramatic trailer of their work we present below.

I use the word 'present' because it's all noble and worthy. It even has sweeping music is courtesy of Ben Holloway, who's making the music behind the Oscars this year. How can a mod rope in that sort of talent? Red Orchestra's developers Tripwire are helping them financially.

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I've scoured and scoured and not come across a hint of a release date, or if the mod team expect you to pay for their hard work. I'd guess not, because Tripwire have released all their officially supported mods for free so far, but I intend to find out. Will I share it with you guys in the form of an update to this post? You just try and stop me.

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