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Tripwire's Rising Storm Whips Up A Trailer

Red Orchestra 2 occupies some space on my hard-drive. I keep it there, along with Sniper Elite V2 and Build & Shoot, to satisfy a basic need I have to shoot at a tiny cluster of pixels in the distance and hope that their widows are weeping come the end of the round. I'm not a super expert at it, but it's satisfying enough for me to keep my sights trained on the upcoming Pacific-based Rising Storm, Tripwire's mod-gone-pro expansion thing.

So the snow has melted, the gloriously cracked cities of the Russian front are now broken pagodas surrounded by welcoming rainforests full of angry, angry people. Being miserable in a prettier place makes such a difference. I am particularly enamoured with the lovely, starry night of Guadalcanal. Here's a trailery rundown of where the asynchronous battles will take place.

Watch on YouTube

As far as I can tell it was going to be free, then Tripwire brought it in-house and it'll be a paid-for expansion. I don't know how much it will cost or when it will be about. If there's anything else I don't know, I'll let you know.

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