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Unreal: Epic Games Hacked

Hack hack hack. The crackers of the world are going after the gaming internet like an axe murderer at a Spring Break bikini party. The most recent victims, after Codemasters last week, are Nintendo, and more pertinently for our crowd, Epic.

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo's attack was a phishing attempt that they say was on a server that does not contain customer's bank or address details. However, they've still taken bits of the site down to be sure. Whether email addresses and passwords were taken hasn't been mentioned.

Such email data at Epic might not be quite so secure. Epic's Tim Sweeny has posted to their forums explaining that both their websites and forums were attacked, and expect things will return in a couple of days. However, email addresses and encrypted passwords were nabbed. And because so many people insist on using simple passwords, it means many accounts would be vulnerable, so they've reset all the passwords. Once again, all bank and credit card details are apparently safe.

No meaningful pattern seems to be emerging in these attacks, but they seem to be purely malicious phishing attempts, perhaps motivated by the dramatic success of Sony's takedown, rather than hacker prowess or revenge-motivated meddling. It would seem a good idea for those in the industry yet to be attacked to be redoubling their security, perhaps getting some friendlies to hunt for vulnerabilities before the baddies get them first.

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