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Gifts Of War: New Warhammer Classes?

More or less cut off from my sugary internet drip-feed for a couple of weeks due to a house move (look ma, I'm in That London!), the very idea of playing an MMO seems absolutely ludicrous to me right now - it's like dreaming of going swimming while stranded in the desert, or asking for a Big Mac in Burger King. What I can do while I wait is appreciate Mythic's cheeky viral hints as to upcoming Warhammer Online updates. Remember all those classes they cut a while before release? A couple of 'em were reinstated last month, and now it looks like the remaining fellas are inbound too. Either that or Mythic are just really rude about bloggers' haircuts.

The other mystery parcel is a DVD of Predator sent to The Greenskin, which frankly is a nice enough surprise in and of itself.

That scrawled timecode points to the line of all lines: get to tha choppa!. Choppa, as in Orc Choppa - a DPS class cut from the game's initial release. And that delightful haircare kit sent to Keen and Graev is, it transpires, a less obvious clue, this time to the Dwarf Slayer - a type of stuntie who expresses his shame for some tragic event by giving himself a bright orange mohawk. Curiously, the Slayer wasn't among the roster of axed classes - rather, it was originally the Dwarf hammerer. Looks like there may have been a change in plans. We'll find out the hows and whys soon: we're looking at a January 29 reveal for both of this newbies, by the sounds of it.

While obviously it's spectacular news for existing WAR players - you don't get many MMOs that chuck out four new character classes in free patches, after all - it does rather seem to be reinforcing what already works rather than fixing what doesn't work. WAR's higher-tier PvP is full of beans: what we really need is a fix for the rather desolate lower level areas, the public quests and cities. More world to go with all that war, in other words. Still, we can't question Mythic's commitment to the game if they're regularly chucking out patches of this magnitude.

Of course, any mention of Predator makes linking to this a mandatory requirement:

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