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We're Skaven, We're Skaven!

Remember the above campaign we ran in the golden age of Rock Paper Shotgun? Well, in the most recent letter from the Mythic Producer Carrie Gouskos she revealed the coming of player controlled Skaven. Not as a faction, but in part of a new Skaven-themed Realm-versus-realm zone, where both Destruction and Order players get a chance to play THE MOST SPLENDID OF WARHAMMER RACES. This makes me suspect something akin to Lord of the Rings Monster-play may be in the offing. The rat-related details are found in full below...

  • We’re introducing a new Skaven Themed RvR Zone. This new zone is not designed to be the “new hotness” where everyone runs off to once it launches. Rather, the new area will integrate into the existing Tier 4 campaign, supplementing it rather than becoming a siphon. This new RvR experience will be just that…RvR. We’re building on the success of the redesigned cities and iterating on lessons learned there. The zone will be an epic struggle between Order and Destruction, with the victor reaping the rewards.
  • Skaven are coming: The RvR Pack will be introducing Skaven to the WAR. True to their chaotic nature, the Skaven will influence the battlefield in significant ways, skittering about, doing what Skaven do. Skaven will be playable by both Realms and are not an NPC “third realm”.

The rest of the letter is here. Don't know why the Skaven are so essential to a happy existence for all humans? I direct you to the original article, where I write an impassioned love-letter to the whiskered warpstone warriors.

And, yeah, with a certain item you can transform into a Skaven already, but that's hardly the same thing.

Thanks to Grey Seer Namos for the heads up on this one.

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