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Cooler Guns: Payday 2 Reworks First-Person Animations

Pow pow

I don't know why you'd shoot men with an uncool gun. Why have a daggy lump of crud clogging up the corner of your screen when you're trying to do cool murders? I must confess my FPS preferences for huge revolvers, pump-action shotguns, and bolt-action rifles is partially down to them being super cool crimetools (also: their murderpower, tense pauses, and chunky sounds).

Payday 2 [official site] now has cooler guns. Coming up on two years after launch, Developers Overkill Software have gone back and reworked a load of the robbery FPS's first-person animations, from reloading guns to shouty gestures. They've also added proper transparent magazines to older guns which have 'em, showing the bullets deplete as you fire. Cool guns.

Here, the announcement post has more pictures and animated gifs of the cool guns being cool as you reload. The movements seem more organic and flowy, and are perhaps a little more lively than necessary because: coolness. "Most" guns have received updated reload, equip, recoil, and melee animations. It seems Overkill have also left in - gasp! - unnecessary fiddling with bits of guns that go click-clack-shuunkkk, which is good, because making more cool metal noises makes guns cooler. Cool guns.

It's not all guns! guns! guns! mind. As the patch notes explain, Overkill have also reworked first-person animations for things like being handcuffed or tased, and shouting to intimidate people.

Now let's see them put their animation chops to work on cool idle animations like whipping out string to stretch out a cat's cradle or doing yo-yo tricks. Perhaps they might add a Conjurer skill tree to distract guards and civilians with card tricks; when things go south they pull an Uzi out a hat.

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