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Not Chess - Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Gameplay Trailer


The 'Chess' wodged in the middle of its name when Warhammer 40,000: Regicide [official site] was announced made us grown, roll our eyes, bite our lip, stomp our feet, and refuse to eat our vegetables. Surely even the lazybones in Games Workshop's licensing department wouldn't give the go-ahead to a game that was simply chess with Space Marines? Turns out, no.

As we got a peek at before, Regicide's a turn-based strategy game which looks mighty chess-like until someone whips out an AoE frag grenade. Now a new video explains more of how it works.

Here's project lead Cathrin Machin of Hammerfall Publishing with words and moving pictures:

Cover image for YouTube video

Looks interesting, that, dunnit? Not just because of the Space Marines blowing the 'heck' out of orks. It's hard to get a sense of quite how it'll feel to play but yeah, I kinda dig what they've on top of chess.

Regicide is due to arrive on Steam Early Access (of course it is) on May 5th. It'll cost $14.99 (so, what, £9.99?) and sounds like once it's done it'll sell DLC things like extra subfactions and new story campaigns. It'll have cross-platform play with the tablet and pocket telephone versions when they launch, sharing the same account across all.

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