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Game Of The Month: April - Cities: Skylines

No Joke

Did you know? Seven million games were released yesterday. Such a constant deluge can make it difficult to keep up with what's happening right now in the world of PC games, and while RPS exists to tell you the four million games you must be playing on any given day, it's possible you have even less time. What if you need to pick just one game to play?

That's what Game Of The Month is for. On the first Monday of each month, we'll pick one released game to highlight for the rest of that month. It's us saying: if you should be paying attention to one thing right now, this is it. We'll then write about that game more throughout the rest of the month, explaining why we love it in a group verdict, interviewing the developers for insight about its creation and future, writing fun diaries that show you what it's like to play, and more.

First up, Cities: Skylines [official site].

We'll have more on why we picked the game later today when our group verdict appears, but you might have some questions about Game Of The Month in general.

Why is April's game one that was released in March?

We want to pick games that we've had a chance to play and consider for ourselves and games that you can play right now. That means unreleased games are beyond our scope, but does not mean that we're limited only to recently released games. We'll select any game which seems most vital right now, and so while that will most frequently be whatever is new, we may also choose to highlight a game that's years old if an update, fan patch, mod, esports tournament or personal whim has suddenly made it alive and important.

Is this an April Fools' joke?


If this isn't an April Fool's Joke (It really isn't. -Ed) then why are you starting a Game of the Month feature now rather than at the beginning of the year?

The workings of the Horatian Calendar are mysterious, and besides, every start-point and end-point is as arbitrary as the British weather.

Why didn't you pick Pillars of Eternity, you charlatans?

John, is that you?

If any of you have other questions, ask away.

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