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Heroes Of The Storm Release Date Open Beta

Jaina's no Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden and Windrunner are, of course, the most delightful characters anyone could ever hope to play on the Doting fields. Who could ask for more? I suppose lots of folks are quite attached to Blizzard characters, though.

If you want to lock and lord as Kerrigan, Diablo, Nova, Illidan, and other Blizzard chappies without paying £30 to access the Heroes of the Storm [official site] beta, good news! Blizzard today announced that their free-to-play Dote 'em up will enter open beta on May 20th, then officially launch on June 2nd.

Heroes of the Storm is a fairly standard LoL-inspired Dote 'em up, with lords and lanes and levelling and pushing and murdering. It's meant to be more accessible than many Dote 'em ups, and proved to be the one that helped Rich Stanton see the appeal of Lords Management games. I haven't played it myself (because Crystal Maiden & Windrunner) so here, go read his words because he knows what he's talking about and I'm just some kind of buffoon here to entertain you. Wakka wakka.

For those who are already in the beta, Blizzard explain, "We won't be performing any further wipes, so any progress or purchases you’ve made during the closed beta will carry through to the open beta as well as post-launch."

It'll be free-to-play, making money by selling cosmetic items, character unlocks, and whatnot.

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