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Overzealous healer Sally Whitemane buffs up Heroes Of The Storm today

Sally forth!

I'm sorry. I just can't take a wild-eyed inquisitor named 'Sally' seriously, even if she is Heroes Of The Storm's latest playable character. Maybe it's because I grew up with a daft, soft Labrador by that name. Maybe it's because it's just not that intimidating sounding. I mean, the big fancy inquisitor's hat is all well and good, as are the World Of Warcraft-standard enormous shoulder pads, but it all comes crumbling down under that name. Maybe we should just call her Whitemane, eh? She's out now, and available to play in Blizzard MOBA Heroes Of The Storm today.

Sally has a thing for thigh-high boots, and for hurting people as she heals. Her big gimmick is a buff called Zeal. When feeling especially zealous after being healed by her, teammates will be healed extra with every hit that Whitemane lands during the buff's effect. As such, she's at her most efficient as a healer when putting the hurt on somebody else. While none of her offensive skills are especially devastating, they do tend to hit an area of effect, meaning that she can drain multiple foes at once to fuel her loyal followers... I mean team.

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Yes, she does have an Ojou-sama laugh.

It's an interesting contrast against previously added healer Deckard Cain, whose entire gimmick was being a pure support character, with effectively zero offensive capacity. She strikes me as a good character to play for those used to a more offensive caster role, but wanting to provide a little bit more direct backup for their team. Personally, I'm just going to stick with Rehgar as my healer of choice, because few things feel as sassy as the team healer turning into a face-munching wolf and finishing off half a retreating team. Plus, even when he is a dog, he's not called Sally.

Heroes of The Storm is free-to-play. Sally Whitemane costs 750 cash-shop gems, or 15,000 gold to unlock.

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