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Fan 'em up: BlizzCon 2018 tickets go on sale in May


This year's BlizzCon will run November 2-3, Blizzard have confirmed, and the first round of tickets will go on sale on May 9th. BlizzCon is their annual fan convention in California, with panels, tournaments, and events for all their big games. It always brings some big announcements too, setting up the year of Blizzard to come. For people who can't get there, Blizzard will also sell 'Virtual Tickets' to access livestreams of anything as well as the customary in-game goodies, and the main presentation livestreams tend to be to everyone for free.

BlizzCon tickets will cost $199 plus fees and taxes, going on sale in two waves. The first batch will be available at 7pm Pacific on Wednesday, May 9th (that's 3am on the 10th for us here in the UK), and the second at 10am Pacific on Sunday the 12th (6pm here for us). BlizzCon tickets sell out fast and are in high demand, so expect to queue virtually and maybe miss out?

BlizzCon 2017 saw Blizzard announce the next World of Warcraft expansion, WoW's still-hazy Classic servers, new characters for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, esports-funding cosmetic loot boxes for StarCraft II, a new Hearthstone expansion... lots of stuff for Blizzard games, yeah?

Blizzard haven't said much about what will be at this year's event, but it will include tournaments for Overwatch, Hearthstone, WoW Arena, HotS, and SC2.

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