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Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain Expansion Is Out

Happy Hearthstone Expansion Weekend!

Hello, internet. Well, it's that time of year again: Hearts brim with good tidings, fires crackle in the hearth of every home. This can only mean one thing: It's Hearthstone Expansion Weekend!

My Hearthstone Expansion Weekend was spent as it always is; entertaining orphans and strays in my home. We rounded them up off the street and ushered them inside, where I washed their feet with my hair and fed them carrots by hand.

"But why ma'am?" asked one of the wretches, "why, today of all days, are you so kind to us? When every other day you leave us lying cold and hungry in the streets?"

"Because!" I bellowed as they gathered around me, "The Hearthstone expansion is out. And from now until the end of the four-day weekend, Blizzard has bestowed upon us the greatest gift of all: A Reason To Avoid Seeing Your Extended Family At Easter."

The first "wing" of Blackrock Mountain [official site] (by which Blizzard means 'pack') is now open, which will give you access to first few boss battles and new cards in the Blackrock Depths. After this, new content will release weekly over the course of the next four weeks. Like the old Naxxramas expansion you can buy it a few different ways: each of the wings will be sold separately go 700 in-game cold (or roughly $7), while all five wings can be bought together for $25. You can check out the game's new cinematic here.

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